Replacement Seats and Covers

Quite simply, no OEM replacement seats match the quality and value of our premium replacement seats. That’s because ours are made with marine-grade materials, just like Suite Seats.

Easy installation.

Our replacement seats are made to the exact specifications of golf-cart companies. We work within engineering tolerances that are much tighter than those of the original manufacturers, so installation is fast and easy.

We use a “tailored” approach that does not compress the foam along the leading edges and corners. This cut & sewn, reinforced seam construction makes for a softer, more comfortable seat. They will also last longer. That is because “vacuum” formed seats are prone to drying and cracking along the leading edges and corners.

Marine grade foam is easily the most expensive component in any seat, therefore the most likely area that many manufacturers will cut corners – a common example is the use of rebonded foam. We use virgin marine grade foam that features a biocide that inhibits mold and mildew. Notice too that the foam we use is contoured with not only a nice visual appearance but it also makes the seats more comfortable.

This wood foundation comes with a lifetime warranty against rot and delamination. It is also extremely dense and holds t-nuts and staples tight. Again, this is an area where many other seat manufacturers will use regular plywood or pressed particle board.

We use stainless steel staples. The t-nuts are zinc plated and a rivet style. This rivet style t-nut expands into the wood and is far less likely to loosen.

2-Tone Replacement Seat Assemblies and Cover
Standard Pricing includes dozens of color options!

We use only the highest quality marine grade vinyl engineered with UV protection. Be aware that not all marine grade vinyl meets our high standards.

The OEM style seats fit the following:

SEAT BASE: E-Z-GO TXT ‘94 – Present, E-Z-GO RXV, Club Car DS ’79 – Present, Club Car Precedent,Tomberlin EMERGE, Star EV (Star Car) Series ‘08 to present, Evergreen Electric Vehicles (Fairplay) ’08 – Present

SEAT BACK STYLE 1#: E-Z-GO TXT ‘94-Present, E-Z-GO RXV, Club Car DS ’79 – Present, Tomberlin EMERGE

SEAT BACK STYLE 2#: Club Car Precedent, Star EV (Star Car) Golf Series ‘08 – Present, Evergreen Electric Vehicles (Fairplay) ’08 – Present

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Plush Seat Covers

From the makers of Suite Seats® comes a brand new option for OEM style seat covers.

As you know we have been offering our Suite Seats® with the new “Plush Fabric” by Sunbrella®
Now we are offering the popular Plush option for covers as well.

Plush is a super durable, outdoor-grade option that is UV-protected to resist fading, and is mold,
mildew and water resistant. It’s very similar to automotive fabric with a soft, supple feel.

Great for preventing “hot seat” in sunny climates!


Three Standard Color Options

Staples on exactly the same way as traditional vinyl covers.




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